Friday, May 27, 2011

#1 Marriage à-la-mode: 5. The Bagnio

Marriage à-la-mode: 5. The Bagnio

The Bagnio is the fifth canvas in the series of six satirical paintings known as Marriage a-la-mode painted by William Hogarth in 1743.

The new Earl catches his wife with her lover, Silvertongue, and is fatally wounded by the scoundrel who makes his escape through the window.
This episode takes place in the Turk's Head Bagnio in Bow Street, Covent Garden, identified by a bill on the floor by the upturned table on the left. The Turk's Head actually existed and was kept by a Mrs Earl. “Banio” was originally a word used to describe a coffee house which offered Turkish baths, but by Hogarth's time it signified a place where rooms could be taken for the night with no questions asked.

The one thing I have learned for this wiki article coffee house sure have changed over the years.

Monday, May 16, 2011

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This is my random wikiblog. I know other people have done blogs like this before but I think it’s a cool idea so I’m going to do one. I go to wikipedia hit the random article read about whatever it randomly selects and write a little on what I learned.